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Hellen海伦 (亦作:Helen)


Heidi海蒂 (Adalheid, Adelaide的昵称
Hollie 红色草莓


首先要设置一个境界 把你读的文章引出来 后面加一句 读了之后深受感触等话语
然后把你的想法另起一段写出来 要是自己的真情实感



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roses-- the nature beauty, means that everyone has a good side even if he or she is in the prison or have made some sins

Sunshine in the forest-- only the pure person can be under the sunshine. so the connotation should be sunshine equal to justice, no-secret,and no sin.

the river,or the steam in the forest -- it means Dimmesdale, covered his deep heart, like the flourish forest. Having secret inside, the steam is whispering, likes he wanna tell the public.

the action of Chillingworth when Dimmesdale is sleep in Chapter 10-- Chillingworth goes to Dimmesdale’s room and open his cloth. It is symbolize to Chillingworth is digging some secret in Dimmesdale’s heart. It shows that Chillingworth is try to get a confirmation about Dimmesdale is Pearls father, and try to revenge on Dimmesdale. Dimmesdale is sneaky, curious, and unbelieving others.

Pearl is the alive Scarlet letter

A-- adultly, ability, Angel(when i person died that night, i forget his name), Admire....

Stage-- the beginning and the ending place... means all the secret need to open, and show the sin

Feeling the names symbolic
Writers apply symbolism to the novels in order that they could catch the eye of the readers and develop readers’ interests on the works more easily. Generally speaking, symbolic names are one of the most important hints that the novelist would really like to tell us at the beginning of their stories. Names contain the information about the personality of characters, showing us that he or she is a protagonist or antagonist in the novel. In the novel, The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne provides us with the best examples of symbolic names. Chillingworth, Pearl, and Dimmesdale are the three major characters. All of them have their own traits like no other, which made the whole novel vivid and realistic. It is believed by many readers that symbolic name strongly affects them on understanding the book.
Separating names into small parts is one of methods to figure out what is the hidden message from the author. Chillingworth can be separated to Chilling, means fearful, and worth, means value, so chillingworth means a fearful value when readers combine two of them together. It is easy for readers to be given preoccupation that Chillingworth is an antagonist who bings the fear. In the book, he is the husband of Hester who roles as a protagonist. In the other hand, readers may consider chillingworth to be digging fear as well. During the development of the story, the characteristics of Chillingworth are gradually changed, from an amiable and knowledgeable old man to an evil one. He tried to prove that Dimmesdale is Pearl’s father, so he kept exposing the secret that Dimmesdale would dread a lot if any others know.
Besides separating the name, the trait of the character could be also involved in the connotation of the names. In this novel, Pearl is the best example of it. As audience all know, the real meaning of pearl means a precious round ball which formed in a shell. Between Hawthorne’s lines, Pearl has the characteristics of purity. As she is the shame, the alive A, and gift of Hester, she is also precious. There are so many clues in the book indicating that Pearl is innocent. For instance, in the forest, sunshine got along with the innocent Pearl but not Hester, because Hester, the Pearl’s bio-father, plays the shadow over the truth. In the other hand, she is valuable because, in that conservative period, the born child of adultery is always looked differently in the society. Therefore, Hester dressed her gorgeously. Those two factors made Pearl unique in the town.
The third way of recognizing what the symbolic name is going to tell is just to find out the meaningful part of name to be an individual word. Dimmesdale is a good example. It is quite obvious that the word “dim” is in Dimmesdale which can tell the personality of Dimmesdale to readers. Throughout The Scarlet Letter, it will not be difficult to acquire the reason why Hawthorn put “dim” at the beginning of the name “Dimmesdale”. In the story, Dimmesdale always puts his hand in front of his chest. Dimmesdale is sick because of his self-punishment. Although he has gorgeous looking as a moral minister, he has some shadow deep inside his heart. That explains why he always put his hand in front of his chest.
As a conclusion, readers can briefly understand characters from their symbolic names. In the novel, The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne uses the symbolic name to show the personality of Chillingworth, Pearl, and Dimmesdale. It shows the difference between their roles in The Scarlet Letter.




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